What is Vintro?

Vintro (virtual + introduction) is a business marketplace that allows anyone to connect to the world's most sought after resource allocators more efficiently and cost-effectively than ever before.

The Vintro platform is designed to significantly reduce having time wasted and removes historic barriers to accessing necessary people. Watch Noor Sugrue, Founder of Vintro, pitch on the Vintro platform.

The Vintro platform is simple to use. 

First, users find leaders that they know can bring their opportunity to new heights.

Then users make a two minute pitch video (maximum length) explaining their business opportunity or challenge, and upload it to the platform (see recommendations on how to make an engaging pitch).

The users access leaders either through monetary payment or Vintros for Volunteers (the verified completion of a specified number of charitable service hours). Cost communicates confidence in the pitch and compensates leaders for potentially wasted time. The pitch will then arrive directly onto the leader's phone via the Vintro App.

The leaders will respond within 14 days with insights, feedback, recommendations, and thoughts. If interested, the leader will choose to open a direct dialogue and get involved further.

Vintro opens the door to a previously inaccessible world of connections, resources and influence.

We are a mission-driven company seeking to eliminate the roadblocks that inhibit great ideas from coming to life. We hope you learn more about what we are doing to help you take your idea or business to the next level!



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