Profile Stanards

Vintro profiles are made to be clear, concise, and informative.

They help Creators find the best partners for their opportunities.

They also ensure Reviewers see opportunities that are right for them.

As a Reviewer, you build and are ultimately responsible for your own profile and for the displayed information.

Please see other profiles to see how others have made theirs.

First Name: This is your official first name, prefixed by a title if applicable. 

Last Name: This is your official surname, not suffixed by any degree-related title. Common suffixes that may be included include “CBE”, "MBE", “OBE”, or “KCVO”.

Profile Picture: Profile pictures are the most important visual aspect of a profile. They must be high-resolution images of you. You should be clearly identifiable. Your face should be centered at the top of the picture. Do not include any pictures of which some or all of the contents can reasonably be considered offensive. 

LinkedIn: Please only enter LinkedIn links here. If you do not have one, please leave this blank.

Industry: Primary industry represents your primary industry background rather than an array of interests. Usually, this field matches that of the organizations you work with.

Tagline: Taglines represent a snapshot of you on your card's face. This is what will first attract the attention of someone that may be looking for a partner. Multiple titles can be entered, and are separated by commas. Do include company names (i.e. “President of Cola-Cola”, not “President”). Please use descriptive information and avoid generic terms such as “Entrepreneur.” Words over three (3) characters should be capitalized.

Organization: This is the primary organization you are affiliated with. Only enter one Organization. 

Company Logo: This is the logo of the Organization listed above. Please use logos with high resolutions and transparent or white backgrounds only. Be careful to check logo usage rules with your organization, and obtain permission if necessary. If a logo is unavailable, do not include any. 

Country/Region: This represents your primary country of residence, or where most of your business dealings are located. 

City: This is your city of primary residence or where most business dealings are situated in the country mentioned above. 

Postal Code: This is your postal code in the city mentioned above. 

I should appear when users search for (check all that apply): This field represents the affiliated tags of a Reviewer. The influencer tag is reserved for influencers on Social Media platforms. The Philanthropy tag is reserved for those that have made philanthropy and giving their life. Celebrities are celebrities that are nationally recognized. As a family office, investable assets held by an individual must exceed $30M USD. Otherwise, the private investor tag is more pertinent. 

Profile Text - Who I am

This question has a limitless text box and should describe the professional journey of the Reviewer. This may include, but is not limited to

  • Education
  • Previous employment
  • Industry experience
  • Previous investments made
  • Organizations the Reviewer is a member of

This information should give a broad enough picture to allow Creators to understand you and your story. This will help them decide whether or not to pitch you. It is a best practice to have the largest possible amount of relevant information, where the Reviewer may have had actual experience. It is also best to keep the information concise. The more information, the better. Creators should be able to figure out more about how you can help them based on the information provided.

Profile Text - What I look for

This section is key to let Creators understand what you look for and to decide if they are that person. Please include as much information as possible. This section is also important so only opportunities relevant to you and what you look for pitch you. This information can include both qualitative and quantitative standards. Both are strongly encouraged.

Users should pitch me if they are looking for... (multiple choice)

This section should include all ways that you may want to engage in. 

What do you want to charge for a Vintro

See more on compensation here. The price you set acts as a filter for ideas and also ensures you are compensated for the risk of having time wasted. Please check other Vintro Reviewers to see how others have priced themselves also. The inputted price is the final price shown to Creators. 


If you are giving Vintro proceeds to charity for any reason, let Creators know by declaring it here. Please do not write "TBD" or any equivalents in this field.

Interest Tags

These tags will allow for searches to be easily completed and allow Creators to see what areas you are principally interested in. Any number of tags can be selected, but please ensure you can deliver the highest standards of expertise or aid in every selected field, to Creators. 

Traditional Industries are primarily designed for large enterprise individuals and those familiar with financial markets.

Startup Verticals cover trending topics in the innovation space and new economy.

Sustainable Development Goals are used to identify different areas of social impact needed for the 21st century.

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