Value to Leaders

 Vintro provides value to leaders in three (3) main ways:

1. Opening access in a controlled way: People who control resources want to make it easy for people to contact them, but at the same time know that more people want to present ideas to them than they have time in the day. Also, their time is often wasted. Vintro solves this problem by creating a direct channel to get in front of the leader while using price to mediate the magnitude of people utilizing that channel. Cost also ensures users have confidence in their ideas and do a good job pitching their opportunity.

2. Optimizing time: Vintro's asynchronous five (5) minute video format, leaders can gain exposure to new ideas without committing too much time and decide quickly whether an opportunity is worth pursuing. Leaders can watch pitches and evaluate new ideas on the go or in-between meetings on their phone through the Vintro mobile app. Adding this intermediate introductory step between being introduced to a new concept and more involved engagement allows better filtering and optimizes time for everyone involved. 

3. Revenue: In the past, people who control resources faced a tradeoff between doing work that directly generated income and spending time listening to pitches and new ideas for free. Often this meant that less of their time was spent engaging with new ideas. Vintro allows leaders to engage with new ideas without forgoing income they would have received had they spent their time doing other things. Also, if time is wasted by a pitch, the cost associated with a pitch serves as compensation.

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