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Why should I buy a Vintro? The simple answer is that Vintro is more cost-effective, but that's not the entire answer. You should also buy Vintros to capture valuable opportunities. Not quite sure? Try the calculator below to see why Vintro can help you capture opportunities.


As a leader of a business organization, you must have potential clients that you want to secure but fail to do so. More than likely, a considerable portion of your operating budget goes into business development that yields uncertain outcomes even in terms of getting attention. As discussed in a previous article, Vintro offers a cost-saving alternative to gain attention from decision makers. In this article, we would like to show that Vintro not only reduces costs, Vintro also helps you capture opportunities.

Your idea speaks for itself, we make sure people are listening

At Vintro, attention is guaranteed. We are happy that you have come to us. We are sure that your offering has tremendous opportunities, but you have to find the right listeners. Having built the business yourself, you must know what you need and who you need to contact better than anyone. Vintro would like to help you capture all potential opportunities so that both you and those who engage with you may benefit from the productive relationship that arises.

Imagine talking to an audience with undivided attention

Attention comes in three flavors: passive attention, split attention, and undivided attention. Oftentimes in business development or outreach, you might not get your desired form of attention at all. Among the very few instances when you get attention, they come to you predominantly in the first two flavors. At Vintro, we get you the third-type of attention - undivided attention.

When the audience is consuming your pitch with undivided attention, many amazing things happen. As an example, your pitch might prompt them to actively and introspectively think about a problem or demand that they haven't previously given serious thought to. As another example, they might actually appreciate your offering more after truly understanding what it is all about. Without undivided attention, it is easy for a busy decision-maker to rush for hasty conclusions. There are countless opportunities that you can lock with a Vintro pitch sent to undivided attention. 

Should I buy a Vintro?

The mathematics is actually quite simple. If your expected gains overweight the cost of reaching out, then you should buy a Vintro. You might not get favorable responses from every person you reach out to, but the Law of Large Numbers implies to if you keep using Vintro wisely, over time your business will be handsomely rewarded far more than otherwise. In terms of mathematical notation, you should buy a Vintro if:


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