Vintro's Roots

Vintro Founder Noor Sugrue, currently at The University of Chicago, says:​

“Great ideas can come from anyone, anywhere in the world. But an idea dies without the right resources. Now everyone can have guaranteed, direct access and engagement from the world’s most important leaders. They always said it was about ‘who you know’ as much as ‘what you know’ - we didn’t think that was fair - so we fixed it.”


Vintro Founder Noor Sugrue


My Story:

I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs. And as a child, I saw what it took for my parents to launch and grow businesses, from endless travel to huge chunks of time spent trying to connect with the right person to get feedback, pitch ideas, and build partnerships. Years later, I was watching Shark Tank and started thinking about just how much it takes to get a business idea in front of the right people. So many factors have to align just to get yourself heard.

Even the best business ideas need support to grow, and too many entrepreneurs and creators get stuck spinning their wheels or wasting time because they don’t know the right person or can’t get the right advice. That’s when I came up with Vintro. 

With Vintro, we can increase the inclusivity and efficiency of our business ecosystem using a digital platform. People anywhere can now leverage resources they wouldn’t otherwise have access to - like timely, relevant feedback, advice on how to create a pitch video, or meet the right business partner.

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