Referral Rewards

Vintro is excited to grow our network of leaders and decision makers who want to hear from entrepreneurs and businesses around the world.

We offer revenue-share agreements with companies or individuals when they refer their networks to the platform. 

The agreements are simple. With you, the reader, as person A in this sample relationship:


Using the calculation methods described in Terms of Services,

Vintro will share 20% of its net revenue from B (your first-degree contact) with A (you);

Vintro will share 10% of its net revenue from C (your second-degree contact) with A (you);

If you are person B, having been referred to Vintro by someone (A), we will share with you 20% of our net revenue from C and 10% of our net revenue from leaders brought on by C.

All revenue share stops at second-degree contacts.

We want leaders and users to benefit from the increased efficiency we collectively bring to the world. 

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