• Pay a fee to access an Expert: They each set their own fee, as stated in their profile. Fees range from $25 - $10k.
      The majority are priced at less than $300.
    • Once you upload your pitch video, the video goes to your select Expert(s) and we process payment.
    • Never get ignored. You will receive a guaranteed response or your money back.
    • The Expert will open a direct dialogue with you if they are interested, at no fee from then on.

      As the COVID-19 situation improves, the “Vintro for Volunteers” program will become available.  Vintro Experts who participate in this program won’t charge you a fee. Instead, you can work an agreed-upon amount of volunteer hours with a specified Vintro charity partner.


    More Questions?

    Contact the Vintro Customer Success Team

    We promise to make the process as easy as possible for you. Our team will help you identify the best matches to address the issues you face with your business. In addition, we will help you easily create an effective pitch video.


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