Reviewing Pitches (for Leaders)

 3 Steps to Review a Pitch on the Vintro app:

1. Watch the entire pitch video (up to two minutes). The review-submission-button is disabled until the end of the video. It is not possible to fast forward or rewind until it has been watched completely, at least once.

2. Respond. Record your thoughts, critiques, insights, and ideas on next steps via audio or video for a total of 3.5 minutes. If you choose to speak longer, of course that's great!

3.  Decide if you want to further engageIf you are interested in learning more about the opportunity or user, you can toggle the chat option to contact the user through the safety of the Vintro platform ("Vintro") chat system. Vintro never shares your contact information with any user.

Pitches sent through the Vintro platform usually seek something from a leader.

If you think the opportunity has merit but is not right for you, please consider making introductions to someone else in your network who might have interest. Many of our entrepreneurs come to us because they believe "the right contact" can help them achieve their dream.

The Vintro platform provides compensation to leaders at their designated price for the pitch session and recorded feedback. If you decide to engage further, there is no compensation.

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