Choosing Leaders to Pitch

The Vintro platform ("Vintro") offers many legendary decision-makers and resource-allocators to the world, many of which can bring a venture to new heights. Vintro has currently built two (2) tools to facilitate optimal pitch outcomes given so many powerful choices.

1. Using the search & filter tools, users can filter by multiple criteria that every leader provides, including industry background, interests, and price. For a successful pitch, users should also select leaders whose interests and type of potential engagement align well with them and their needs.

2. Each leader may list additional profile information that includes what soft-factors they hope to see in a user. This information is critical when putting together a pitch and should be read carefully. 

Vintro strongly recommends that users do additional background research to make sure that chosen leaders are the correct partners for an opportunity. Vintro encourages users to use any acquirable information to further tailor and refine their pitch before sharing the opportunity. 

To increase the likelihood of further engagement with leaders, Vintro recommends spreading pitches to multiple people.

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